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Top Franchise Awards
Top Franchise Awards

Become a Business Partner today!

With over 125 outlets nationally, Chatime is the country’s largest and most recognised bubble tea brand.

Become a Business Partner today! It is not expected that you have a lot of experience in food or business – that’s what we’re here for.


But if you feel you have:

  • A positive attitude and drive
  • A high level of energy and enthusiasm
  • The willingness to learn new things
  • The ability to motivate and manage your employees
  • A passion to get involved with the community
  • The hunger to succeed whilst doing something you love

then you could be an ideal Chatime Business Partner!

Call (02) 9283 0880 to speak about opportunities or request an info pack below.

Be your own Boss

Chatime is seeking enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about our brand, core values and products.

Diverse Community

All Chatime businesses include and encourage a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.

Full Knowledge & Support

Our operations team provide all our business partners with a wealth of knowledge and ongoing support.

Become involved in Chatime’s success!

People all over Australia (and the world, for that matter) are turning to Chatime to provide the fruitiest and most fragrant iced teas on the market.

We are committed to providing a unique retail experience that is consistent, fun and reliable for each and every customer. This focus, coupled with great tasting products, proven systems and cheeky marketing campaigns is the foundation of Chatime’s success

Interested in shaking things up?

Chatime has seen spectacular growth since the inception of the brand in Australia.



Available Franchisee Locations

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8 Steps to becoming a Business Partner

1. Quick expression of interest form

2. Let’s Chat

3. Complete full Application and submit application deposit ($3,300)

4. Franchise face-to-face meeting

5. Review Financial Model and Business Plan

6. Operations Meeting and In-Brewery Experience

7. Draft legal documents provided

8. Final approval meeting

Chatime provides ongoing support and has experienced staff to provide training and materials. They assist me in both short term and long term marketing strategies to attract and retain customers along with the development of new products. Jin, Merrylands Franchisee

For us, becoming a Chatime franchise partner is a good opportunity to be part of a great brand that strives to be a leader of its market. People absolutely love our products, and it seems like the growth potential is unlimited. Annie, Cabramatta Franchisee

I have a lovely and professional team from Chatime that supports me with any issues I have - and I believe that is the key to what makes Chatime stand out from the many other competitors. Chuck, 289 Flinders, VIC

Is the application deposit refundable?

Yes, the application deposit is fully refundable at any stage throughout your recruitment process. Once you are approved as a Chatime Business Partner, that deposit with your consent is offset to solicitors in creation of your franchise documentation.

How much does your franchise opportunity cost, what does this price include and what other costs will be incurred in addition to this price?

The cost to franchise with Chatime depends on the location you’re looking to franchise. It is very difficult to indicate an average or approximate cost as there are too many variables to be consider. Get in contact with our team today to discuss further.

How much working capital do I need?

We recommend that you seek professional financial advice regarding the amount required, this is approximately 10% of the total investment cost.

Do I need cash or equity towards the purchase of a franchise?

Yes, you will need to have access to at least 50% of the total investment cost. Seeking professional advice, you may have this in actual cash, funding from family and friends, equity in your home/investment properties or a combination of all.


We will require proof of funding levels within the recruitment process.

Are there any finance options with the bank?

Chatime holds accreditation and works closely with ANZ Bank. This means that they are familiar with our franchise model and processes, therefore the lending process is usually less strenuous than if you were to start your own business.

What kind of returns can I expect as a Chatime Business Partner?

There are a significant number of variables to consider when owning and operating a franchise and therefore we cannot determine your success. Once an application form is submitted and after an initial face to face meeting we will provide you with Chatime’s historical network sales reports, Financial & Business Planning Guides to assist you in preparation.


It is essential that you consult your financial advisor as a part of your own due diligence and create your own forecasting model and plans.

Do I need to find a location for the T-brewery?

No, Chatime’s highly experienced Leasing Executives will source and negotiate new sites with landlords and store owners.

What training can I expect to receive?

We provide a comprehensive 3-week training program for all new Business Partners that includes at least one week in Sydney. The in-depth training programme includes front to back operations support provided by our People & Culture team. The team will work closely with you and build your confidence as a business owner to confidently walk into and control your t-brewery.

How long is the application process?

Chatime application process typically takes 6-8 weeks however this is highly dependable on you as the potential business partner. We will work with you at a comfortable pace however please be mindful that there are other applicants interested and undertaking the same process.

Do I need previous business or food industry experience to become a franchise partner?

No, you do not. To become a Chatime Business Partner you must love the brand, live our values and have the hunger to succeed!

What ongoing support will I get from Chatime?

When you open your very own Chatime t-brewery you are allocated a highly experienced Business Development Manager who will support you directly for the life of your franchise. Other support teams include Marketing, IT, Finance, Leasing, Supply Chain and Project Management.


We will all know you personally and watch both you and your business grow!

How long is a Chatime Franchise Agreement?

The Chatime Franchise Agreement is typically a 5 year agreement with a further 5 year option.

What if I want to own more than one brewery?

Great! but let’s start you with one 🙂


In order to acquire additional sites, Chatime’s policy is that all new Business Partners are required to own and operate the first brewery for at least 12 months.

Do I need to work in the business full-time?

Experience has proven that the most profitable businesses are owner-operated. Chatime expects as a new Business Partner that you will be hands on in your brewery on a full-time basis for at least the first 6 months.


After that time, you will continue to work on your business and spend at least 20 hours a week in your brewery.

Do I have to be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia to franchise with Chatime?

Yes, you or at least one member of the business partnership will need to hold either Permanent Australian Residency or be an Australian Citizen to franchise with Chatime.