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Our History

Since our bubbling beginnings in Taiwan in 2003, we've been dedicated to curating innovative and enjoyable beverage experiences. We're here to flip the script on your typical cuppa tea by serving up an expansive array of fresh, flavourful and inventive tea concoctions shaken by our T-Ristas (yep, that's our fancy name for our tea experts). Fun Fact: The word “Cha” means “Tea” in oriental countries; so Chatime means Time for Tea!

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Why Chatime?

Our passion for creativity shines bright, and we're excited to pass on that spark to you!


Chatime offers endless possibili-teas. Create your perfect drink with our diverse range of teas and mix-ins.


We prioritise quality in every sip, using the finest ingredients to ensure an exceptional tea experience.

Fresh Tea

Freshness is key at Chatime. Our teas are brewed every 4 hours, guaranteeing vibrant flavors and aromas.


By being part of our communi-tea, you're contributing to positive societal change through our impactful partnerships.


Since 2018, our partnership with headspace exemplifies our joint commitment to mental well-being and a brighter world. Together, we empower our community with mindfulness and resources for a healthier, happier life. Since 2006, headspace has aided over 700,000 young individuals through 140 national centers, online services, and clinical programs across Australia, offering crucial support when it's needed most.

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