Introducing three new delicious fros-teas made with Oreo cookies

They’re beautiful, they’re brilliant, and they work for Cha-tea. Their weapon of choice? The infamous Oreo cookie, making you crumble at the very first sip…

This fearless Fros-tea trio has something for everyone, with dairy and vegan options… which one are you?

Valiant Vanilla Image

Valiant Vanilla

Oreo is the real hero in this classic vanilla flavoured fros-tea, made with fresh milk.

Harmonious Hazelnut Image

Harmonious Hazelnut

Tastebuds need more of a roundhouse kick? Go (hazel)nuts with this soy milk delight. Also available with dairy.

Magnificent Mousse Image

Magnificent Mousse

The ultimate combo – Oreo cookie paired with our ever popular, creamy philly mousse!

All topped with a real Oreo cookie and sprinkled in your favourite Oreo crumb, there’s no shame in getting a little messy with this one.

Add your fav mix-ins with 3 for $2!

OREO and THE OREO DEVICE are trademarks of Mondelēz International group used under licence.