New Peach & Lychee Oolong tea range

2021 has been a real B!&CH of a year, so let’s make it frui-tea with NEW Peach and Lychee Oolong tea range!

Freedom is gonna taste frui-tea this spring with a delicious range of peach and lychee oolong newness! We’ve taken your frui-tea faves to the next level, life needn’t ever be a B!&CH with these new delights…


+ Peach Frui-tea
+ Lychee Frui-tea


+ Peach Fros-tea
+ Lychee Fros-tea


+ Peach Milky
+ Lychee Milky

Plus, *spoiler alert* we’re introducing Peach Popping Pearls to our ever growing mix-in list, coming soon! In the meantime why not treat yourself to delicious Lychee Popping Pearls – add to your unique mix with our 3 for $2 mix-ins offer.

Ooh what’s oolong!?
If you have ever felt stuck choosing between black and green tea for your go-to brew base, Oolong provides the perfect compromise. With fresh, floral notes and a gorgeous golden hue, it’s perfect for a refreshing spring bubble tea – why not give it a try today!