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Top Franchise Awards
Top Franchise Awards

Address: 38 Cowper St, Granville Place (New Development)

Store Type: NEW

What is proposed for 38 Cowper St in Granville is a mixed-use development that will add a completely new vibe with a range of amenities to serve both new & existing residents right next to Granville station with an end value project value of $400M according to the official website.

The development will feature a total of 618 apartments across 3 buildings and it will stand out on the Granville skyline, particularly as you are driving down Parramatta Road & approaching Granville Station both on the T1 Western line and the T2 Inner West & South line. The apartments will also the advantage of views overlooking the ever-expanding Paramatta Skyline which will only continue to boom going into the next decade as well as taking advantage of its amenities as this development will be less than 5 minutes to the Parramatta CBD by train.

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