Where it all began!

Tea (cha) has been an important part of Taiwanese culture since it was first introduced from what is now southwest China. For hundreds of years, tea has been seen as more than just a refreshing drink in Taiwan; it once served as a vital part of traditional ceremonies, bringing people together and it has long been reported to have many health benefits.

In 2005, Henry Wang Yao-Hui founded the first Cha time in the Taiwanese city of Hsinchu. Henry’s unique combination of fresh flavours and toppings made his iced teas an instant hit, and within seven years we would grow to over 1,000 locations. Just like the tea culture that inspired it, Cha time brings people together all around the globe!

We have since become the fastest growing franchise in Australia (in the tea brewing game that is!). We have expanded our business to over 60 bubble tea outlets in Australia since we first brewed our flavourful creations here in 2009.